"Cathedral cave formation"

A fun cavern exploration trip at Linville Caverns.

Otherworldly root formation

Amid waterfalls and trails, exposed roots show life adapting to erosion .

Linville Waterfall

The deafening thunder of a waterfall will hold your gaze.

Hodges Family Farm corn maze

Got lost in a corn maze trying to not get lost in horror movie thoughts.

Raw Titanium

Often times we forget that the sleek machined tools we use start as rock-like ore.

Carnivorous Nepenthes

Lure then in with sweetness, they won't realize until that sweetness is their undoing.

Psilocybe Cubensis

From spores smaller than the eye can see, fully colonized substrate produce.

Sand waves at Campbell Greenway

After a flooding event you can see the evidence of the water that was there.

Autumn rains

The rain littered leaves on the ground perpetuating the cycle of life.

Climbing vines

When sunlight is needed but taken, plants will find a way.

Wooded reflections

Water, the mirror before mirrors.

Rustic writing

Human interactions show that anything and everything can be a medium.